Thursday, 4 March 2010

Style's HeaRts thIs>>>>>>>

We’ve fallen in love with Gisele Scanlon’s second book, The Goddess Experience! Packed with a 1001 mirco-pleasures that will take you from breakfast to bedtime with a smile, we can’t put it down. Full of sartorial tips and gorgeous illustrations, ours is packed with post it notes that have ‘do this’ and ‘check this out’ scrawled all over them.
With so many inspiring tips on travel, fashion and beauty – from the lovely Gisele herself, and all the designers, celebrities and experts who have let her into their lives – you’re guaranteed to find lots of little experiences that will make you smile.

What we adore about this book is that it makes you remember that the little things in life – from the perfect cup of tea to painting your nails just the right shade – can make you just as happy as the bigger things! Luckily, for Gisele, that includes bonding over shoes with Nicholas Kirkwood, discovering the backstage secrets of fashion heavyweights such as Vivienne Westowood, hunting out the best boutiques in Berlin and so many more exciting things that you should get hold of her book and read it cover to cover.