Wednesday, 31 August 2011

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥LusT havE

Am getting....

BriGhtY BLigHtY

 Britain. Britain. Britain. Such wondrous sites upon this small green isle.....
Photography: Grant Peters

PreTty PiCcy'S

Monday, 22 August 2011

DeGaS....Art PhotOgRaphY ExHibitIon

He took photos as well as painting the most exquisite ballet scenes. No one really knew and some images have never been seen, until now. Mega excites about The Royal Adamedy's Degas Exhibition showing from 17th Sept...wanna see the photos in print. Sunday STYLE previewed a few yesterday and I was in awe.

Preview...After a Bath 1896, Degas, France

Sunday, 14 August 2011

PreTty PiCcy

Palm trees at night.
Los Angeles, CA

!!!!***GaY PRIdE***!!!!

Brighton, Aug 2011

>>>♥♥RinG BliNg

Brought a hawt knuckle duster jewel of dreams.
Looks totes Miu Miu. But its Toppers of the Shoppers. Sale. £1. Love at first sight and worn her all weekend.


Hydrangea. She's called Polly. Wondering if she'll stay pink or if the acid/acaline will change her....

Photography: Nicola Emmie van der Woodvine

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

**SE SpYs>>>LaDuRee, LondoN**

Laduree has always had it's golden little store in Piccadilly and a concession in Harrods but now we are lucky enough to have a restaurant/tea room/terrace to frequent.  And boy what a sweet treat.
Set in the heart of Covent Garden, on the corner of luxe feeling 'market place' one can easily find this haven of sweet offerings and delights.
Downstairs lays the counter of dreams. Lined with an exquisite spectrum of macaroons and pastries. Ice creams are also available with mini macaroons on top in sumptuous flavours. All can be taken away or gift wrapped (obvos not le ice cream). Being a Laduree conessiour, I headed upstairs to the tea rooms and terrace area. Greeted by a very Parisian style bar and a matre d, we were offered any table we liked, which sadly didn't include the terrace as this is only for people eating lunch. It didn't really cause upset as inside was delightfully decorated to perfection. We chose to sit beneath a canopy of white silk, on a plumped up velvet sofa. The room is all fireplace, marble, ornate and Louis VI style. Cockatoo printed wallpaper, baby blue wooden panelling, gold leaf and just general loveliness. Tables are small but neatly styled with crockery and the like.

Menu was extensive for a tearoom and took me and Legs 11 ages to decipher what to have. Settled on iced mint tea and raspberry, strawberry/mint and blackcurrant/lavender macaroons. Utter mouth sex. Loved. Wanted all the flavours but had little to no monies left after this splurge. And a spend it is but oh so worth it. I will dine soon. Which brings me to say, there is an outside, heated/covered area in the main piazza to dine in as well but you might as well come upstairs if you are as its much more special. Service was excellent and not as French and rude as one would expect. They are all French though. Bogs were a huge let down though. Expected a servant type attendant to hand me and towel etc. Nope, one loo. But I forgave this.

PreTty PiCcy

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥ToppEr'S 'ANTELOPE' in LeoParD

"Who knew high street shoes could cause such a stir? Meet up with these shoes and their owner, who can only be described as 'Legs 11' in her denim cut-offs. Legs and I pounded the pavements of Londres in search of my 'wedding shoes' and never have I witnessed such hysteria and mayhem. Especially from a pair of Topper's wedges, leopard print or not. People whispered, stared and pointed. Legs didn't seem to notice but I was fluxomed by the admiration and in some silly cases, negativity these delights were causing. Jealous eyes! First up, Legs, me and the wedges took ourselves to Laduree in Cov Gards (more on this later) as we needed a wedding shoe plan of attack. The strokable wedges cried expense and made Legs look like an even bigger star than she is. The waiters weren't sure, what with their French polished style but other guests admired the courageous fashion efforts. Afterwards, steps were tottered towards Liberty's but first Legs and I popped to the new M&M world. Soo hip, I know, nut we were on a macaroon high. People literally were wild in here. Legs was ambushed and had the shoes photographed without even being asked. Tsk. Blatant foreign buyer or something, stealing her style. He did at least say thanks. Walking on, people talked non-stop about the wedges, some good, some bad and some laughing (how dare they)...but I've never seen a fashion item attract so much attention.
Onwards. Walking all the way, showing their comfort and wearibility (hence the 5 star rating they get on Topper's website) we wound up at Louboutin. On Mount Street. This after having witnessed Legs draped across the Louboutin sofa in Selfridges with my Chanel bag in hand, looking all modelly and expensive in her shoes, helping me decide on a pretty pair of pumps. Hers could have been Loub's. Easy. It was from this point we got stalked. Some pervy business man, we walked by him, then he followed us, cat called and asked us if we were from London and what's more asking Leg's if her shoes were infact Louboutins. He even said 'they look like they are on you'. As if he cared, he wanted a piece. What a goon. Bye-bye.
Legs and I ended meeting the lovely Lashes in a Fitzrovia park for some tinnies of cocktails. The wedges were finally taken off. Underneath all the glamour and excitement of these Topshop Antelope's were Umbro men's sock's. Keeping it real. Love it. And so typically Legs.

 Should you want to get all this attention it'll cost ya a mere £80...and they come in Zebra. Need both.

★ChaNeL NAiLs It AW/11★

Move over Mimosa, cos AW/11is all about Graphite, Peridot and Quartz designed by creative director Peter Phililips, and are said to become the latest must-have shades. Inspired by jewellery set, these metallic blends of gold, green, platinum, bronze and pink are perfect for jazzing up that LBD.

>>>>However, recommend you get youself on the waiting list for the 19th August launch right now as they're unlikely to be around for long... see you in le queue ladies

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

sTyLe's EYe SwOoNs//////////Hermes

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥LusT havE

Miu Miu trainers? Sparkly ones? Shut the front door. I'm weeping. Must get some, like now. Can these be considered wedding appropriate? Ie, can I wear these as a Bride? Surely I CAN. They can then be brought out of le wedding budget (read: a sum of money that buys stuff...the best, most cool bits and bobs
 one desires to make a wedding great. And pretty. And cool.)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Psssttt>> LibErtY RockS

Ornithology A Tana Lawn by Edwyn Collins

Ornithology Liberty Print was designed from sketches by Edwyn Collins, who was best known for fronting Scottish rock revivalists Orange Juice and for his international solo hit: 'A Girl Like You.'

raMblingz OF a PerSonAL sHoPPeR/////////

Going for gold that was the 'title' I gave my wedding ring shopping trip. I even hummed the tune, sure it was some 80s TV show theme song. Brighton was the destination for the latest spree, but this spree was more of a mission. Decided it best to spread the cost of this wedding malarkey and so this month/week it was about rings. Knew I wanted vintage as engagement ring is Art Deco from 1930s and brought lovingly from St Albans (a fav shopping haunt for J and I) in an antiques store.
It was decided back in December we'd look in the Lanes, it really has this almost Venetian feel (sans the canals obvos) with all the twisty Lanes and twinkly little jewellers luring you inside. Takes me back to that holidays spending frenzy. Ahhhh. Ahem. It was busy but distraction by all things jewels and gems meant we weren't bothered by this.
The search for a vintage dream of a wedding ring began by meandering through the Lanes and stopping like the magpie that I am at every gleaming jewel in each quaint jewellers window. Que, Fidra...specialist in art deco, Victorian, and Edwardian delights.

Fell head over heels with a 1930s art deco platinum and gold piece in the window and promptly rung the bell to try her on. Two lovely ladies awaited inside to attend to my every whim. They were so helpful and laid back. No pressure selling here. The ring was slightly to large and so resizing and posting was included into the price. Happy times. It also comes in a little antique heart shaped jewellery box. Er sold!
I went back 3 times to see the ring and make sure she def was the one and they were as nice each time, didnt get eggy with my anal ring buyingness.
The shop itself is ickle and ye olde feeling. Red velvet Louis style chairs, beams, low ceilings and champers bottles with red roses line a mantle piece. So glad my ring has a happy story and past and even happier I purchased from here.
Further shopping was banned for the remaining daylight hours that day due to my going over budget on le ring. This wasn't to stifle my mood. Was on cloud nine and the ring wasn't even in my possession yet. Ring shopping is lots of fun which is great news as J is very indecisive and we are to return to do his...I'm sure that means I can get something else that day as I wont be getting another ring.

★MaNY uSEs oF a ScArF★

Brighton yesterday was all dressed up for sunny fun times and as we were chauffeured down in a drop top one needed a head scarf. Natch. Dug out an old chazzer shop find and tied it Hepburn style around my head. Winner at protecting my locks and head from sun/whipping wind.

Step outta car and tied her around my neck for an air hostess/1950s vibe. Looked cute and haven't done that for ages so enjoyed the novelty.

Later shopping, got bit hot around neck and bit feed up of carrying me 50s box bag...and so tied scarf in a loop around the handle and hey presto, a shoulder bag with a cute twist.

>>>♥♥♥♥Elle of It (out NOW)

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥LusT havE

Whistles...need shares in this company.
Or to get Hudd to hook me up with discount more often.
Had lil heart attack as thought these were £15
but didnt have glasses on (irony?) and they were £45 so
alas will have to wait until pay day...but still a bargin.
They look smoking hawt.