Thursday, 17 February 2011

RazzzzzMatazzzzz: A sOphisticated Meeting PLAce

Photography: Nicola van der Woodvine


Shiny Disco Ball
Dancing Shoes

Miu Miu & Chanel

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

PreTty PiCcy


>>>RandoM Purchase of the Weak (sic)

A pill box....on Amazon.
Mind if I don't. Or maybe I should???

Style's Eye Spys///The Harlequin....Old Skool MaLL

"Watford and shopping are two words that shouldn't go together but actually make an ensemble building dream. Sure Watford is grotty and a bit inbred but The Harlequin has served me for many years now and I feel it's time she got a mention.

Just a mere 15 minutes from London's Euston, this 'Mall' is one of the UK's older undercover, one stop high streets and is holding up rather dashingly. It's light and airier than some peers, ie. Brent Cross which is dingy and always induces a migraine, and it is cheap as chips to park here unlike my one true forbidden love, Westfield (which cost me £15 to park in her shiny realm of a car park before xmas). Music plays softly over a PA system, modern bus link tv's have been added and its very clean. Geri Halliwell's mother is STILL a cleaner here. Amazing fact.
The Harl does lack food spots though, many have shut down and been replaced by coffee shops but good old Ponti's is always a winner and John Lewis cafe is pricey but great. She's wheelchair friendly and has many extra facilities which is always great for new mums or people escorting the disabled (my mum likes to be pushed round these floors weekly)....

Shops, now, Primark is fecking fantastic (reviewed previously) unspoilt by the London consumer and still jam packed with all the latest trends and must haves. Plus its gigantic. Topshop is terrible, absolute no go here but the large New Look always acts as a back-up for that fail and I've got many a winning item in here for myself and clients. M&S is fab, John Lewis is the mall's department store ( JL own's the Harlequin which prevents Debenhams for being here, they aren't ever in same mall....another fab fact) and Zara here makes me go weak at the knees. All Zara managers act as buyers and thank the lord that Watford's branch, the manager has the London eye and buys in all the best merch. LOVE.
There's a creche, a massive HMV, BHS, Boots, all the usual culprits and what's more your more than likely to get all the must have items here as opposed to London's stores, which get attacked by
fashionista's globally!!"

Girl CruSh>>>♥♥♥♥ Gillian Amalia Zinser aka Ivy 90210

Monday, 14 February 2011

ADDED TO//////BirThday WisHLisT

Birthday isn't until May. This is number one on wishlist. Ta. Oh Tom've done it again.

sTyLe's eYe SPys//////////>Fashion Exhibition

Love Fahion? Hold onto your hats fashion followers and art lovers alike: The V&A are putting on one hell of a Yohji Yamamoto & Nick Knight show....Thought I'd share this duet of dreams with you as mentioned the other day at age 19 I did not know who Yamamoto was on first day of fashion school. Do now. So there. Also the fabulous Nick Knight was rammed down all of our throats at Art Institute Bournemouth cos he graduated from there. Every single tutor mentioned this daily. Whateves. Sure AIB is no Central Saint Martins but it is a first choice art school that really packs a punch outside the big smoke.
Yohji's, who's Japanese btw, has been on the scene some 30 great years. He joined forces with Knight and an unknown graphic designer Peter Saville yonks ago to create 'catalogues' of each seasons work. That is what this exhibition is all about....this amazing unison of creative minds and the sheer brilliance of their visual masterpieces.
There's to be 80 odd garments of his career, film excerpts, photographs and these extraordinary catalogue images. Get down there and show some love for all things fashion photography united.
From March 12- July 10 2011

♥♥StiLL LovE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>♥♥♥♥♥♥

Look on ebay for these daily. Always a size 5 can be found. Never a 7/40. Hate flipper size feet. Lust after these.....

Love>>>>BeBe BlacK

photo: The Camden Store

She's massively talented and still somehow unsigned.... but not for much longer. I am willing to bet my Chanel 2.55 on it. BeBe Black is a cool Weymouth born, London residing singer, with a voice that oozes so much vintage glamour and sassiness it's hard to remember your actually listening to this in 2011 but yet it's totally now. Her self composed genre, a magical mix of garage/gothic/pop with a smackling of french songstress, Edith Paif....Hot talent. She worked previously as a fashion stylist for Topshop Oxford Circus and was one half of the indie duo Bebe & Paulo who toured festivals last summer.
Bebe's first solo gig last night at Camden's heaving Lock Tavern became silenced when she started singing and even the hard to impress bar staff froze in awe. Her sound evokes yester year and gives you goosebumps. She owns stage presence by the bucketload. Her look is effortlessly hip meets bombshell. She has the kind of voice I feel like I should have been blessed with but don't. Boyfriend even turned to me and said "that's what you think you sound like isn't it? Well love, you really don't". Oh chortle bloody chortle.
Music big wigs, trend setters and fans filled the room. She started with my personal favourite, Railway Station, Bebe charmed as she played 5-6 haunting tunes with grace and ease for her onlooking, envious crowd. Hanging with her best/flat mate Nicola chatted afterwards and says the Bebster pens all these songs in her own boudoir, so as well as being musically gifted, she can write AND play it too. A star was for sure born in a leopard print maxi dress and some wicked creepers.

What I wore to Bebe's Gigette

Friday, 11 February 2011

LisTening to>>>♥♥♥♥Heart

Heart♥ my new/old favourite group from Canada. Banging out tunes like Alone, Barraccuda, Crazy in Love and Magic Man has become somewhat what regualrly fills my airwaves and lug holes. Patti Smith and good ol Pat Benatar are close 2nd favourites but Heart is where my ♥ lies. Lovin' the 1970s vibes and folky sounds, power ballads 90s style and their 80s comeback tunage. The group have had 'Crazy in Love' sampled by the likes of Eminem and 'Magic Man' features in my fav scene from Sophia Coppola's Virgin Suicides where 'Trip Fontaine' aka Josh Hartnett walks the halls of the school in a sexual montage. You can also play Barracudda on guitar hero, which I smash out almost daily.

♥♥LovEs>>>>>>>♥♥♥♥♥♥PLaStic BArrettes blog

Finding new talent can be exhausting and more often than not the same shite spouts out from laptop screens everywhere but sometimes along comes a blog that inspires to the core.

Meet 13 year old Bella from the US who likes 'drawing, bowie and anything directly related to Audrey Hepburn'. She's been blogging on Plastic Barrettes since 2009 whilst at school and is becoming a bit of an icon in her own right. Her blog is effortlessly cool in ways I would've only dreamed of at 13 or even 28, ahem. 

I'd have been like Proenza Schouler what? How do you even spell that, let alone oh look 'hi, there's Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez the men behind the brand' at some bloggy conference in New York. I wouldn't have known them if I'd fallen over them in the street. If people weren't East 17 I didn't give one. If the Internet had been around then and as readily available what with iphone's and blackies who knows but instead I was in the local park drinking Cider like only a true Brit teen does (in a wicked get up though I'll have you know). Oh why didn't I heart fashion with her dedication and in depth knowledge? I only knew my Miss Selfridge from my Clockhouse back then and even on acceptance to my fashion degree course I dared utter the words 'who's Yohji Yamamoto??' to a fellow student on my first day. She replied only with a look of utter disdain and ridicule in her eyes. Sure there were no weeklies like Grazia/Heat either then (Jesus when was this backwards world exactly??) but I was still not obviously as dedicated as the young starlets of today who will be tomorrows fashionista's. Missed the boat, maybe. Fashion is so accessible now. These lucky young girls are literally living the dream. Why is hindsight such a bitch???

Style's HeaRts TalenT>>>>>>>JAckie DiXon of SMYW & Elle f@mE

Jackie Dixon has much styling and photographic talent. Having had the pleasure of working with her for an ol Toppers project during LFW my love for her work has catapulted to Mars and back. People feel at complete ease and give their all in front of the lens for her lovely and hardworking nature. 
LOVE her blog ShowMeYourWardrobe muchly. Elle (my holy bible) showcases her luxe skills every month and her latest post shares that she has been busy snapping Elizabeth Lau's AW/11 lookbook. A-maze. The pics highlight girls about town, DJ's and bloggers galore wearing epic looks, captured in only a way Dixon can. Style's has selected some for your viewing pleasure. Seen.
photos: Jackie Dixon
Susie Bubble, Blogger & boyfriend Steve
DJ's Nisha & Amber: Broken Hearts

Thursday, 10 February 2011

**RaTe or H@te???>>>>

Style's Eye Spys///WEBSite & ASOS m@rkeTplaCe

>>>Watch this space. Style's Eye is to be launching a Boutique on la ASOS....full of wondrous delights, vintage, high street, homemade and lovingly designed. This will coincide with le Personal Shopping business 'Nicola Emmie: Style Consultant'. Wardrobes will be cleansed for the greater fashion good, women will be shopped for and feeling great.... and bands AND brands will be styled up to the max.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


♥ Send me here on a whim.....need to learn to sink not swim

Beautiful photograph taken by Leith Clark, Editor, Lula
Beverley Hills, Jan 11

Friday, 4 February 2011

sTyLe's eYe SPys//////////>French Films

"French movies are having a cinema is hot right now but France is where the heart is. Moving memoirs like 'Diving Bell & The Butterfly' and 'La Vie en Rose' are deep insights to such great and art inspired minds, here being both music and written word. HeartBreaker starring Vanessa Paradis is up there with all time favourites. Fashion, love and wealth shot in with artistic direction with those chiseled cheekbones. Sigh. Priceless is a fashionista's must see, with Chanel and Givenchy headlining and Audrey Tautou as supporting actress."

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

★BiBle is lauNchEd★

ELLE Collections is out, rushed out on day of launch as per and added her safely to the full collection. She's now a steep £7 but totes worth every last copper. Heart it muchly and woe betide anyone who spills/uses her as a coffee mat.