Friday, 28 January 2011

ChaNel's NeW SprIng Drop>>>>

These hit stores today everyone. Had to have all 3. Natch. Better than any previous trio launches, these are for sure, a sellout. Get them quick as these are limited edition.

PriMark JoY>>>

Who doesn’t heart Primark? Primark not ‘Primarni’ or any other shoddy names. Who needs to be embarrassed to say they shop at this haven anymore? Not I that’s for sure. The Watford branch is an absolute gem of an offering. It’s far enough outside London that it’s always got those pieces you see screaming ‘buy me’ out of Look’s/Heat’s/Grazia’s pages but also not so remote that it stocks bad garments no trendy gal wants.

Today’s little outing consisted of the new season’s temptations lining the entrance walkway, neatly, surprisingly as well. Mary Portas has certainly scared the big wigs at HQ because every member of staff I spoke to today was helpful and polite. Saying that, it was very almost, eerily quiet whilst I was shopping. I spied a bag in the window on the way in, hunted for it but was informed it had sold out, me being me, demanded said bag et viola! It’s mine now. The jewellery section was merchandised to perfection, lined with sparkle, nudes and adorned with shimmer. The new season line up looks fantastic and had I had more money I would’ve spent a small fortune this morning and I didn’t even make it downstairs to shoes and homeware. Keep up the good work Primark.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

M@carooNs...STyle's HearTs >>>

Yummy Scrummy delights to amuse any bouche in a joyful array of colours from across la sprectrum...that's what Laudree Macaroon's are as we all (well you should) know. But who knew about the packaging being so sought after>>?
Pop into their Piccadilly haven of a store and be prepared to be in for more than just a sweet treat. The boxes are so beautiful they must be displayed and put to good use within your homes interior.
Different shapes and sizes of these lavish Louis style boxes line the shelves and a it's lot less guilt free choosing the box than spending hours deciding on your favourite flavour of macaroon....mine is Raspberry btw. These boxes adorn my dressing table, storing my gold, bobby pins and make up brushes and have mass lust appeal. Go one step futher and purchase a tres chic Parision bag while you're at it. Check out this grey 2-sided beauty.................

EscApe La CapE>>>> Cos The biKer iS RIdinG Bck 2 TowN

Sunny day today and makes us think Spring has Sprung
& of Cider shaped thoughts...its on the horizon people>>>Ditch your Cape
and dust off your trusted biker jacket as she's perfect for SS/11.... this jacket
is the perfect shape and will not date...dont go for fads/zips/buckles etc as it
will age your timeless garment of dreams. This 'pleather' beauty has seen me
through the last 3 years and since it gets such rave reviews I'm taking her to
Sri Lanka with me to have her made up in real expeeeensive leather. Ace.