Friday, 10 June 2011

★CorNisH PastY★

HuddyWood are off to Cornish shores....this is the look that will be emulated....Edge of Lurve. Totes Amaze....>>>

Monday, 6 June 2011

Psssttt>> UrBan OutFitterS Wedding Dresses

Yea, s'right, Urban now does a specialist range of Wedding's called B H L D N. Can you imagine the designs they've whipped up. Fit for any fashion concious bride worth her something new. Am still drooling and though it's stateside only at present, its bound to be a matter of time before they hit these shores. Check out the accessories peeps. To. Die. For.

Shop Report>>>NeW L@@K....Watford

Used to call it Poo Look but oh how times have changed. Having been a sucker for her pricier high street sister Toppers forever and the fact that the Watford branch is laughable, I have braved clothes rails unbeknown to me since uni times.
The Watty branch is an absolute gem. I now almost break into a steady run upon sight of her signage. She is a huge spacious site and often has all the best stuff left just for me as not many chavvy Watford peeps like the great things that this fashionista desires. Sure there's still the same tat as most stores, but there's so much more than that in this branch....she's a flagship site. It's well stocked, TIDY (shock horror) and is well priced. The staff in this store are second to none as well. Many a time I've been helped by the lasses and lads that proudly work here.

The shoe section is massive, tear jerkingly so and though I'm no New Look heel fan as I have grown out of owning high cheapie shoes cos they hurt, I can honestly recommend this section to anyone braver and younger than I....soooo many party shoes/sandals/boots/pumpd galore.

Fitting rooms are large, loadsa tills which have sweets to tempt you with as well and just great clothes waiting to be discovered. This store does Men's, kids, larger ladies and concession brands. Get on down on a Thursday evening to see this branch at her shiny, sparkly best.