Friday, 29 July 2011

sTyLe's eYe SPys//////////fAux TaTToos

Can't commit to a tatt cos like moi you change your mind everyday? Well try for some quirky temporary designs. I like the smoking rabbit. Sure.

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥LusT havE

Thursday, 28 July 2011

raMblingz OF a PerSonAL sHoPPeR/////////

Ahhh. Shopping today was a delight. Walking the floors, despite all the 'mini shoppers' that were present due to the school holidays, one could sense an excellent purchase was upon the consuming horizon. Sniff sniff. Monsoon is where we were drawn. Sale was messy yet hidden with gems and diamonds amongst the rough. A beautiful Fusion line top surfaced and was snapped up. All a-line and summery. Perfect for today's weather and mood. Broderie anglais edged. Powder blue, Egyptian cotton. You get the gist....onwards we swept, upstairs.
New season stock happily shined and swung from silver chrome hangers. And there she was in her floral glory, basking under the soft lighting, sweetly. Dusky mink in colour, tinged with duck egg blue and turquoise with a hint of black thrown in for eclecticism. A sequin silver clutch thrown in. An outfit of dreams was created. A ceramic bird ornament also snapped up for funsies....

Love>>>>LuSt hAvE

PreTty PiCcy

sTyLe's eYe SPys//////////WHISTLES

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

PreTty PiCcy

To tHe SHoppIng GodS>>>♥♥♥♥

Please. Dearest. Anyone. Help is needed. Required. Urgently. Liberty of London does Liberty print lined Barbour jackets. £200. Simply must get one. And so I put it out there. All positive energy and what not. Using the 'secret'. Bring this jacket upon me. Let me smell its expensiveness and wear it with pride. It is nigh. She will be mine>>>watch this space.

Monday, 25 July 2011

PreTty PiCcy

sTyLe's eYe SPys//////////ART

Adore these sculptural pieces by self taught artist Issac Salazar...all and cut and folded. Think one would look perfect in my boudoir...

Love>>>>LuSt hAvE

Need these Converse. Fun times

RIP>>>sad TiMes

Rest in peace lady. You were cool.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Love>>>>LuSt hAvE

Topshop....& Miss Selfridge Project #1 Want both. Not the weather for them. Don't care...

ShOp ReporT>>>PrimarNi....OxfoRD St

This store and I go waaaaaay back....think day 1 when she first had her doors trampled down, oh yea, I was there. Not in the queue mind, oh no, feck that. I got the bus down from Toppers on me lunch break to laugh at the hysteria and try and push in the front of the queue. That didnt happen. Policeman told us off but I did witness the madness. I also vowed not to return until the ridiculousness had ceased.

I frequent here, weekdays or late nights only to avoid mania but have to say, queues look frighteningly long but go quickly. Staff are crap but I would be too if worked for minimum wage in the centre of hell all day. It is what it is. Cheap clothes. Hunt and you'll find gems and this is my kind of shopping. i expect nothing to last from here but am thrilled when something does (my gold sequin bolero of five years is to be a family heirloom). Dont bother with the shoes unless you want blisters and your feet to smell like vinegar. Accessories are a must, not the bags though, cheap looking shite. Vile. Avoid prints at all costs unless you know its one that you wont see on every ones backs. I store stuff and dont wear until like year later, that way you can bet ya bottom dollar peeps wont be wearing it and will be well jels of it.


EDITeD>>>♥♥♥♥Topper's AW/11 L@@Kbook

Topshop have pulled out all stops for AW/11. Grunge it up people. Here's SE's edit from le LookBook....

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

ForEveR 21>>>Launches IN LoNdOn

Excites. Forever 21 the amaze US fashion chain hits London this month. Launch parteee tonight peeps.

>>>♥♥♥♥Elle of It

Elle Collections is launched today?!?!?!

Who knew, not me until Tom Mackin (@TomELLECOVERS) just replied to my tweet. Hot footing it to Tesco on Posie in minutes. It's £7 these days so better cycle and save money on petrol. Best be as good as all the others.

ShOp ReporT>>>UrBaN OuTfIttErS....OxfoRD St

ahhhh, Urban. How I heart thee...yet I never can afford to buy from you in bulk as I'd wish to.... apart from the accessories, sale time or giftie poo's. She neighbours high street giant Topshop but somehow stands her ground and comes off as the better one stop shop I think. She's large but doesn't overwhelm. Her ceilings are high, she has windows, something Topshop lacks on all womenswear floors. Grim. Her sweeping staircase makes you feel hip and cool and sort of homely at the same time.

Bare brick walls feature fantastically merchandised outfits that would have Lexxi Chung Chungs weeping as she didn't think of them first. Dresses are always amazing but at the top end of the high street price range for its age market. And there is always the danger if you do plump for a pricey printed garm, you must just see if on a lot of other backs. When I purchase from here I stick to plainer, safer items as hate wearing the same as the whole of London in an obvious way. Cardi's are always ace in here. Shoes, not so much. But the designer floor, now the shoes that lurk up there (2nd floor) are the types to anger Mr Barclays but worth the bollocking he might give you. Well edited designs and designers scatter the floor, in a spaced out luxe feel. Uber chic.

Urban's music is always banging and they sell what they play so you don't have to feel all loserish going 'what is this music you play' it's all here.

Home-ware. I love it. Bit over priced but I buy it all the same. Perfect for gifts. Their cards and gift wrap are always worth a look too. Book wise, wait for the sales as amazon is waaay cheaper. But they are so tempting of a lunch break shop.

Accessories, here lies my weakness. Necklaces, rings, watches, sunnies, belts, bags lined the whole store, waiting for you at every opportunity and you simply can not help but buy. Don't fight it, there's no point. Its all great tat that you'll love forever. Or until the next trend rocks up.

Just go there tourists and Londoners alike, you must. I always go to every store when in the states too.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Love>>>>LuSt hAvE

>>>Will vomit continously until these Belstaff's are upon my tootsies.

R@te or H@te???>>>>

Alexander McQueen.....dancing or turning in his designer grave??

Thursday, 7 July 2011

waTcH>>>>>miLdREd pIErCe

Who doesn't love to emmerse themselves in a period drama just for the garments? Cue, HBO who come up with all the greats...the costumes alone astound even non-fashion lovers, as the shows all have colossal budgets to play with. Brits now get to marvel at great TV with the release of the majestic Sky Atlantic and the latest launch, 5 part mini-series Mildred Pierce is utter ensemble porn.

Mildred Pierce was originally a 1941 novel by James McCain set in California and the depression era, which in turn inspired the black and white 1945 movie of the same title, which starred Joan Crawford. In the series, Kate Winslet who plays Mildred and her fiesty, talented daughter Veda, cast as Evan Rachel Wood battle for centre stage in this epic drama. One can swoon at the 40's get ups and perve at hottie Guy Pearce, who burns around in a smoking hot retro car in the first 3 episodes.The acting is enough to make RADA disciples weep but the costume design by Ann Roth is what stole my heart. Think browns, taupes, tea dresses and fitted cap hats. Aviators, stockings, chunky knit cardis in effortless, earthy tones. Hair is up-do tastic, all victory rolls and waves. Red lips smoulder and speak well executed, drama riddled lines. LOVE.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

★ChaNeL CouTUrE AW/11★

R@te or H@te???>>>>

Christian Louboutin style ballet heels....Darcy et all need only apply. Works of art for the shelf though.

Monday, 4 July 2011

>>>♥♥♥♥Elle of It

♥♥♥♥Heart♥♥♥♥MisS SeLfrIdGe

>>>Oh how I've missed Miss S and yesterday I ran towards her Flagship, snubbing Topshite and then openly weeped as I marvelled at her offerings. It was 9am, opening time and the store looked mint, as it should. Merchandised perfectly, tidy, stocked in size order for easy shopping and with pleasant staff. Lacy festival garb, maxi dresses galore, junk jewellery heaven, the new AW/11 collection beaming at me....people think its just for teens and early twenties lasses but how you are missing out if you don't know about what lies within.

When I worked as a personal shopper next door @ Topshop I used to sell waaaaaay more Miss S to older clients....think pretty blouses, fab (and well cut I might add) dresses, great trousers and all are truer to size than Topshop as well, which leaves you feeling better about life and yourself! Nothing worse than not fitting into your size and having to go 2 sizes bigger. And it's cheaper in here too which is good news for our bank balances. Great for work-wear, clubgear, day bits and even wedding/occassion outfits. Their sales are always smoking hot as well. Oh how I wish the Watford branch had never left the Harlequin.....sigh.

Love>>>>LuSt hAvE

Want. Now. To go with the YSL.....Mimosa by Chanel. Swoon.