Thursday, 21 July 2011

ShOp ReporT>>>PrimarNi....OxfoRD St

This store and I go waaaaaay back....think day 1 when she first had her doors trampled down, oh yea, I was there. Not in the queue mind, oh no, feck that. I got the bus down from Toppers on me lunch break to laugh at the hysteria and try and push in the front of the queue. That didnt happen. Policeman told us off but I did witness the madness. I also vowed not to return until the ridiculousness had ceased.

I frequent here, weekdays or late nights only to avoid mania but have to say, queues look frighteningly long but go quickly. Staff are crap but I would be too if worked for minimum wage in the centre of hell all day. It is what it is. Cheap clothes. Hunt and you'll find gems and this is my kind of shopping. i expect nothing to last from here but am thrilled when something does (my gold sequin bolero of five years is to be a family heirloom). Dont bother with the shoes unless you want blisters and your feet to smell like vinegar. Accessories are a must, not the bags though, cheap looking shite. Vile. Avoid prints at all costs unless you know its one that you wont see on every ones backs. I store stuff and dont wear until like year later, that way you can bet ya bottom dollar peeps wont be wearing it and will be well jels of it.