Wednesday, 10 August 2011

**SE SpYs>>>LaDuRee, LondoN**

Laduree has always had it's golden little store in Piccadilly and a concession in Harrods but now we are lucky enough to have a restaurant/tea room/terrace to frequent.  And boy what a sweet treat.
Set in the heart of Covent Garden, on the corner of luxe feeling 'market place' one can easily find this haven of sweet offerings and delights.
Downstairs lays the counter of dreams. Lined with an exquisite spectrum of macaroons and pastries. Ice creams are also available with mini macaroons on top in sumptuous flavours. All can be taken away or gift wrapped (obvos not le ice cream). Being a Laduree conessiour, I headed upstairs to the tea rooms and terrace area. Greeted by a very Parisian style bar and a matre d, we were offered any table we liked, which sadly didn't include the terrace as this is only for people eating lunch. It didn't really cause upset as inside was delightfully decorated to perfection. We chose to sit beneath a canopy of white silk, on a plumped up velvet sofa. The room is all fireplace, marble, ornate and Louis VI style. Cockatoo printed wallpaper, baby blue wooden panelling, gold leaf and just general loveliness. Tables are small but neatly styled with crockery and the like.

Menu was extensive for a tearoom and took me and Legs 11 ages to decipher what to have. Settled on iced mint tea and raspberry, strawberry/mint and blackcurrant/lavender macaroons. Utter mouth sex. Loved. Wanted all the flavours but had little to no monies left after this splurge. And a spend it is but oh so worth it. I will dine soon. Which brings me to say, there is an outside, heated/covered area in the main piazza to dine in as well but you might as well come upstairs if you are as its much more special. Service was excellent and not as French and rude as one would expect. They are all French though. Bogs were a huge let down though. Expected a servant type attendant to hand me and towel etc. Nope, one loo. But I forgave this.