Monday, 1 August 2011

raMblingz OF a PerSonAL sHoPPeR/////////

Going for gold that was the 'title' I gave my wedding ring shopping trip. I even hummed the tune, sure it was some 80s TV show theme song. Brighton was the destination for the latest spree, but this spree was more of a mission. Decided it best to spread the cost of this wedding malarkey and so this month/week it was about rings. Knew I wanted vintage as engagement ring is Art Deco from 1930s and brought lovingly from St Albans (a fav shopping haunt for J and I) in an antiques store.
It was decided back in December we'd look in the Lanes, it really has this almost Venetian feel (sans the canals obvos) with all the twisty Lanes and twinkly little jewellers luring you inside. Takes me back to that holidays spending frenzy. Ahhhh. Ahem. It was busy but distraction by all things jewels and gems meant we weren't bothered by this.
The search for a vintage dream of a wedding ring began by meandering through the Lanes and stopping like the magpie that I am at every gleaming jewel in each quaint jewellers window. Que, Fidra...specialist in art deco, Victorian, and Edwardian delights.

Fell head over heels with a 1930s art deco platinum and gold piece in the window and promptly rung the bell to try her on. Two lovely ladies awaited inside to attend to my every whim. They were so helpful and laid back. No pressure selling here. The ring was slightly to large and so resizing and posting was included into the price. Happy times. It also comes in a little antique heart shaped jewellery box. Er sold!
I went back 3 times to see the ring and make sure she def was the one and they were as nice each time, didnt get eggy with my anal ring buyingness.
The shop itself is ickle and ye olde feeling. Red velvet Louis style chairs, beams, low ceilings and champers bottles with red roses line a mantle piece. So glad my ring has a happy story and past and even happier I purchased from here.
Further shopping was banned for the remaining daylight hours that day due to my going over budget on le ring. This wasn't to stifle my mood. Was on cloud nine and the ring wasn't even in my possession yet. Ring shopping is lots of fun which is great news as J is very indecisive and we are to return to do his...I'm sure that means I can get something else that day as I wont be getting another ring.