Wednesday, 10 August 2011

LoVe>>>♥♥♥♥ToppEr'S 'ANTELOPE' in LeoParD

"Who knew high street shoes could cause such a stir? Meet up with these shoes and their owner, who can only be described as 'Legs 11' in her denim cut-offs. Legs and I pounded the pavements of Londres in search of my 'wedding shoes' and never have I witnessed such hysteria and mayhem. Especially from a pair of Topper's wedges, leopard print or not. People whispered, stared and pointed. Legs didn't seem to notice but I was fluxomed by the admiration and in some silly cases, negativity these delights were causing. Jealous eyes! First up, Legs, me and the wedges took ourselves to Laduree in Cov Gards (more on this later) as we needed a wedding shoe plan of attack. The strokable wedges cried expense and made Legs look like an even bigger star than she is. The waiters weren't sure, what with their French polished style but other guests admired the courageous fashion efforts. Afterwards, steps were tottered towards Liberty's but first Legs and I popped to the new M&M world. Soo hip, I know, nut we were on a macaroon high. People literally were wild in here. Legs was ambushed and had the shoes photographed without even being asked. Tsk. Blatant foreign buyer or something, stealing her style. He did at least say thanks. Walking on, people talked non-stop about the wedges, some good, some bad and some laughing (how dare they)...but I've never seen a fashion item attract so much attention.
Onwards. Walking all the way, showing their comfort and wearibility (hence the 5 star rating they get on Topper's website) we wound up at Louboutin. On Mount Street. This after having witnessed Legs draped across the Louboutin sofa in Selfridges with my Chanel bag in hand, looking all modelly and expensive in her shoes, helping me decide on a pretty pair of pumps. Hers could have been Loub's. Easy. It was from this point we got stalked. Some pervy business man, we walked by him, then he followed us, cat called and asked us if we were from London and what's more asking Leg's if her shoes were infact Louboutins. He even said 'they look like they are on you'. As if he cared, he wanted a piece. What a goon. Bye-bye.
Legs and I ended meeting the lovely Lashes in a Fitzrovia park for some tinnies of cocktails. The wedges were finally taken off. Underneath all the glamour and excitement of these Topshop Antelope's were Umbro men's sock's. Keeping it real. Love it. And so typically Legs.

 Should you want to get all this attention it'll cost ya a mere £80...and they come in Zebra. Need both.